Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Obituaries x 2

Amersia Thompson (1969-2007)
Picture from the Adam Dunn collection "Pin Woman Beside Jailbait DVD Kid" and "Pin Woman Beside Jailbait DVD Kid 1", sorry no better pictures...

The word “fan” is not only over-used, it’s often used inaccurately. By definition, a fan is “an enthusiastic devotee” or “fanatic.” That’s heavy stuff. So, in order to supply verbiage for sportscasters and radio hosts, perhaps we can find an additional description for those who only casually follow a team.

Amersia Thompson was NOT one of those people.

Despite the presence of epilepsy, Amersia attended every Blue Jay home game. Her loyalty seemed unparalleled.

She was always the first person in the door, and therefore, the first to stand aside the dugout while the players took batting practice. Not surprisingly, most of them knew her name. The title “World’s Biggest Fan,” trumpeted proudly on the back of Amersia’s jersey, was an indisputable claim.

Becoming dedicated to a team of any kind can be a lonely pursuit, but judging by the number of people that crammed a Baptist Church in Scarborough, Ont., recently, Amersia was not without friends. Sadly, they were there for her funeral. She died on Jan. 3 at the fresh age of 38.

Amersia was so familiar to those around the ballpark she should have been on the payroll. Clearly, the team took note of her loyalty, as both Jay Stenhouse, the director of communications, and John Spalding, who manned the gate Amersia entered every game, where in the church.

Prior to the ceremony, a succession of photographs filled a large screen in front: there was Amersia with Woody Williams or Pat Hentgen or Darrin Fletcher. There she was in her seat or hanging out near the dugout. Beneath the pictures, her coffin was draped in a Blue Jay flag.

Though she was always quick with a smile and a greeting, I can’t say I knew Amersia well. Still, I know of no bigger fan.
- Jamie Campbell

Brad Renfro (1982-2008)

Brad Renfro started out in films like The Cure and The Client, playing older as a child ahead of his times. He got gay notoriety for his lead role in the film Bully, displaying his excellent acting skills and the Stephen King film Apt Pupil, which was the subject of several lawsuits regarding the purported use of male minors as extras in a nude shower scene, in which he played opposite gay legend Ian McKellen.
He was arrested for buying heroin in 2005 and seemed to be the Hollywood child star that everyone saw slipping and no one could help. His death is ridiculous and he will be missed.

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I think I accidentally got a snapshot of Amersia when we were on the field on photo day. I'll have a look around...