Thursday, January 3, 2008

Satan's Secretary

This Sunday I am going to see Bash'd.

It's a rap musical thing showing at the Factory Theatre with great lines like:
"If we yell FAGGOT and you think it's whack,
well fuck that it's our word and we're taking it back!"
I haven't been blogging much. Not for lack of ideas, but for the fact that I have been unconscious and sleeping for like 14 hours a day. I miss the sunlight.
Many blogs planned in my head:
- plan my road trip to the baseball parks so I know which tickets to buy in February
- plan my trip to Poland so I can imagine myself not living in the land of darkness (a.k.a. Toronto)
- Stonewall
- Cool books I've got recently
- how much does it cost to buy a condo, and how much do you need upfront

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BASH'd: A Gay Rap Opera said...

the BASH'd website is

We hope that you liked the show!