Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ebay fun

Well I listed some stuff on Ebay, an easy way to make money right? I'm reminded of the episode of Roseanne where Dan says "There is no easy way to make money. If there was your mother would have found it."
I was bombarded by stupid questions.

On this item, a CD, I got "I was about to pay for this item when a box came up to ask if i want to pay an extra $2 for the case.You state that you bought this item new listened to it once, fine so why does it not come with it's case."
I received this question with 4 days left in the auction. You can't pay for an item before it ends. The woman was obviously on drugs.

On this item, I note that I bought the item on Ebay and that when I bought it the doll was listed as mint in box. I say the item is not mint and the previous seller sends me an email saying I'm defaming him and he's going to report my item and have it removed. Well my item wasn't removed, I bought it for $53 and sold it for $97 and I filed a claim against him because it wasn't received in good condition.

On this item I get an email "Do you combine shipping and if so, what is the rate?" Yikes, I have 72 items listed, which ones do you want me to combine?

On this item I get "ciao,sono italiano e sono interessato al billy,non ho paypall,non so come pagare il pezzo,non ho mai fatto pagamenti fuori dall'europa,mi chiedevo se il vaglia postale nostro e' uguale al nostro.fammi sapere,attendo risposta.kiss.e grazie."
Followed by "ok,ma sotto che forma ti devo pagare,vaglia postale?grazie ancora,attendo risposta."
I don't speak that.

On this item I get "Hi again, what is region 2 DVD? Thank You"
If you need to ask it doesn't matter. Sigh.

On this item I get "I just wanted to ask, This Season 2 of the Golden Girls includes all 3 discs from Season 2, correct?"
I said in the listing "This is a STORE DVD with the box and everything I bought from the store."
What part of that doesn't he get?

Bash'd was ok. I wouldn't see it again. The first half was amazing, with the exception of the actors staring at the wall instead of the audience. Full of edgy lyrics and very unique. Then the second half was a mix of Thelma and Louise and a high school production on tolerance. Several plays suffer from bad second halves, Rent for example was heavily rewritten. Previously the song "Take Me or Leave Me" included lyrics about people having crabs and serving them as appetizers.

Tomorrow night I go check out the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives. It's cool, I bought a book off Ebay and they guy I bought it from googled me, found this blog and asked if I wanted to come check out the collection. I'm really psyched. It's like all the collecting I've been doing and pouring over these books but free! I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Update, please... has ebay made you rich?

Anon A Mouse said...

You may want to read this blog: http://keithiskneedeepinmud.blogspot.com/2007/10/crack-is-whack.html