Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pile of Crap

I switched to VOIP, which is phone over the internet, and it is as spotty as a leopard.

I have had really nothing but problems, the most recent was when I was sitting watching TV and looked up and noticed my phone modem was blinking. I spent 5 hours, unplugging it, plugging it back in, and nothing. So right now I don't have a phone.

I plugged the modem into the computer directly and that didn't work at first as I had the computer set up to work with the phone modem. Now I've switched it over to work with the internet directly but I don't really know how to switch it back or what the initial problem was so I'm kind of screwed.

Other problems I've had, the phone just cuts off in the middle of a conversation, like every single conversation, and once it just started ringing for no reason and wouldn't stop. At 3 in the morning. For 3 nights in a row.

Also sometimes the power just shuts itself off.

I want to switch back to a traditional phone line but I think I get the phone portion for free and so it would be another $30. I thought of bundling and going with Rogers for internet and phone but when you go to their website it asks for your postal code and when I put mine in and hit enter, nothing happens.

The only good point is the internet is much faster when it's not being run through the phone first.

I'm totally screwed. I seem doomed to never have a phone. Yipee.

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