Sunday, August 30, 2009

Movie Reviews

I wanted to start a new section where I explain why I hate every movie I`ve ever seen. My goal is to end each segment with a movie I liked so that you can see I`m not a heartless bastard.

More than three people told me to watch `The Hangover`. For future reference, whenever more than three people tell me a movie is good, I can immediately cross it off my list.
So on Friday night I watched `The Hangover`.

The concept is something I can really relate to in my own life, a group of 4 straight guys goes to Las Vegas for a bachelor party weekend and hijinx ensue, all the while they try and hide thr truth from their girlfriends. I didn`t laugh once. Why couldn`t they be honest with their partners? Why was every joke predictable? Why was this recommended so many times?
Another film that was recommend to me many times was Tropic Thunder.

I laughed once. Very convoluted plot that was hard to follow, not funny, not relateable, bad.
I also saw last night a movie I have read all the books for, Confessions of a Shopaholic.

They moved the heroine from England to America. The guy was not cute. The plot was not funny, the girl was dippy without the intuition of say Elle from Legally Blonde. If a girl is going to be this much of a drip she should at least make good music videos like Britney Spears, or something. Bad movie. Stay away.
A love I liked was Spellbound.

I remember I took my family to see this in the theatre and as we were waiting for the movie to start, my brother said "What is this about?" and I said "It's a documentary about a spelling bee." and he said "No. Seriously, what?"
Suspense, drama, real emotion, if you have a soul you will love this movie. Amazing.

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