Saturday, August 22, 2009

Don Jail Tour

Finally went on the Don Jail tour today.
Walking in and looking up you see the old sky light, which will be restored in the renovations.

This is the entrance. Apparently they filmed the Tom Cruise movie "Cocktail" here. It was dressed up to look like a night club.

A cell block. You can't access a lot of the areas as they haven't been kept up and people are idiots and would trip and fall on a tour.

The dragons and snakes are part of the architecture. The idea is to make an intimidating atmosphere.

Another shot of the entrance wing.

This was the warden's family area that was later converted into cells. The cells are no longer there though.

This area was supposedly a maximum security area that was built to house a gang of four bank robbers that had previously escaped. They later escaped from this area too.

A cell, 8' x 3' that near the end would house sometimes 3 people.

Tour guide in the background and a cute boy in the foreground that helped make the tour worthwhile. His mom was really nice and we chatted for a while after the tour about other jails we had seen. She recommended a hotel in Coburg that used to be a jail.

Inside one of the "maximum security" cells.

This is where the executioner would walk up the steps the the interior gallows. I don't think I took a photo of them as there's really nothing there and not very much room to take a photo of a drop.

The chapel.

A hole in the wall where one of the prisoners in maximum security would dig. The idea was you put a poster up to cover the hole during the day. He didn't get very far.

Another of the maximum security cells. You see the paint, the place is really falling apart.

So they said they're tearing this building down mostly. These are some of the last photos.

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