Sunday, August 16, 2009

Worst Play Ever

I just walked out of XXX Live Nude Girls at Summerworks.
I don't think I've ever walked out of a play before and we were sat at the back so we had to make a big production to leave and I'm still glad I did. Those are moments I can never get back.

Picture this.
Eight people on the stage at once. From the right, 2 girls playing Barbie with a video camera trained on them. Above the video is a running script. Quite a lot of dialogue. To the left of them is two people with microphones which I assumed would be the voices of the script. No. These two took turns singing random lines of dialogue, not at the same time as the video, and kept pausing to either play a cassette player into their mike with prerecorded static or to take photos of the audience with a disposable flash camera, like about 50 photos each during the half hour I saw the play. To the left of them was a four piece band. The woman with the violin picked up a spoon and used the end of it to knock on the wood portion of the violin. The man beside her played a clarinet but no sound came out. He would stop playing occasionally to throw a phone across the room or cut the hair off a Barbie doll.

All at the same time.

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