Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Went to Caribana for the first time on Saturday.

The entire parade seems to be full of half naked girls. Not so much into that. Decided to use the time to photograph some of the train wrecks as they went by.
This was the first float, it was VERY hot and this didn't look like it was fun to carry around:

Big boobs below. Lots of boobs.

Crazy man. Not so many men:

This fellow was a notable exception, but was hesitant to let men take his photo, it was just for the ladies.....

Little boy blue:

Ok, and here starts the disasters. A thong? Do you own a mirror?

The saddest part is this girl looked to be about 21 or 22 and check out her legs:

The girl on the left's breast was threatening to fall out at any minute, but she at least was having fun.

Big dress, but it looked easier to move than the one above:

This woman was past an age where this outfit was acceptable:

Lots of people:

African drums, I think for sale?

A newsboy caught in the crowd.

Check the eyelashes, and stretch marks. Nice touch!


The best part of the day was definately heading over to Roncesvalles to the Polish bakery. Mmmm.....

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