Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tampa Bay Rays

Went to the game last night. Interesting game as it lasted 4 hours and the score was only 2-1 and the umpire was hit in the chest with a ball and had to be taken out.

The main attraction was Scott Kazmir, see in his photo sporting a new Hitler mustache:
Zobrist has a great OPS and was good to see. Also I think this shot is pretty good considering it was from the 500 level.

I like this one too.

Evan Longoria is reliable.

This was the best shot I got of Kazmir. I went down to the first level to try and get a better picture but couldn't really get much closer. Apparently they want you to "pay" for that.

Another shot from the ground of Kaz.
Look who's now with Tampa!

Zaun's really not great photo and mediocre stats. He really REALLY should not have tried to steal 2nd last night. He runs like a harpooned walrus. He looks like the Keebler elf in the photo below.

A young in our section was wearing his Zaun jersey. I should have worn mine....
The worst part of the evening was the bottom of the 9th inning. Tampa goes in leading 2-1 and they bring in their closer, JP Howell. Second batter he gives up a home run, game is tied, and it becomes apparent Howell can't throw a strike today. Every pitcher has a bad day.
So Joe Maddon for some reason doesn't start warming anyone up. Howell walks three batters to load the bases and you can see him struggling, he's throwing as hard as he can and the ball is bouncing on the way to the plate. And after THREE walks and a blown save, Maddon still has no one up, he leaves Howell in.
When it becomes apparent your guy is tired and having a bad day the manager can't just leave him out there to die. You can't waste the past 4 hours of play and a chance to move up in the wildcard. So Maddon left him in and the game ended on a wild pitch. Jays win. Rays lose.
I checked out the Tampa Tribune this morning and only one person blamed Maddon for this loss, and even then only slightly. Grrr....

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