Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Alyson folds

One of the world's oldest LGBT book publishers, Alyson Books, has effectively folded. They released a statement recently announcing a switch to e-book only format, with the first e-books not being released for 9-12 months, if ever.
I don't read e-books.
Plus they published some vital stuff, like this collection from OUT magazine (also owned by Here! Media, also in danger of folding...). I pre-ordered this book over a year ago and am still waiting.

I have been critical of Out magazine for having like no content, and I found out recently it's that they haven't been paying their writers, according to Michael Musto. No payment means no writers. No writers means no content. No content means no readers. And another 10 page article on "What's new in port wines!" That is not gay!
The worst part is my favourite author, Paul Russell, who has like no web presence, his book was to be their fall lead title, The Unreal Life of Sergey Vladimirovich Nabokov.

Now Paul Russell is under contract so he can't even publish anywhere else, this book may never see the light of day and that SUCKS.
The argument that gay publishing is dead doesn't really fly. What about Josh Kilmer-Purcell? An unknown whose first book his the New York Times bestseller list. Argh.

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