Monday, October 25, 2010

Fuck Rob Ford

Toronto needs to de-amalgamize. 
Let the suburbs have their Mel Lastman's and their Rob Fords, downtown doesn't want them.

All I hear is how worse off the suburbs have it.
"My road hasn't been paved in 3 years and downtown roads are perfect!"

Me and the 250 people who live in my unit pay to pave the road in front of my house.  The same amount of road in front of your house is paid by you and your neighbour across the street.  By that argument my road should be paved every 10 minutes but it's not as my money is going to fund you already.  And you say you're not getting enough?!?!?!

I'm ready to split this city in two.  Who's with me???

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Lilith eZine said...

Yeah, fuck Rob Ford and his brother too! Please check out