Monday, October 25, 2010

Last One - The Gravy Train

I worked for city hall temping for the computer leasing inquiry in 2005.

While there I remember they had one photocopier for the entire East York civic centre, and I'm guessing from it's looks it was bought in the early 1980's.

I remember using outdated computers with Word Perfect, the 1995 edition.

I remember only two computers in the entire office had the internet.

I remember they couldn't afford cleaners so at the end of every day you want to walk your garbage can over and dump it in a main receptacle. 

I remember there was a water cooler and if you wanted to drink from it you had to join "the water club" and pay $10 a month for the privilege.

Basically conditions that no private sector would ever put up with.  EVER.

And now we find out, from Rob Ford, that this ladies and gentleman was the gravy train.  And the time of the gravy train is ending....

Heaven help us all.

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