Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blasted - Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Both of the new artistic directors of CanStage and Buddies in Bad Times had something to prove when they took over the reins and both optioned provocative lead plays to start the season.

Whereas CanStage mis-stepped with Fernando Krapp Wrote Me This Letter, Buddies director Brendan Healy hits with Blasted.

Provoking but not exploitative, the play has a lot of positives, with a cast that is totally not afraid to check their ego at the door and go there, to excellent thoughtful staging and sensitive direction.

The problem lies with the script, a first play from a 23 year-old British author, it contains too many parts where you don't know what is happening.

That being said the 1.75 hours flew by, and you leave the theatre with a discussion, as opposed to CanStage's Fernando Krapp, where you feel like you SHOULD be leaving with a discussion, but aren't.

Marks off for the plot holes that are never explained, I hate that.


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