Thursday, August 9, 2012

Letter to the editor - Playgirl magazine

Regarding the letter from Susan Jones in your summer issue, where she says "there are so many magazines that are published for gay... men", please name one. I've looked.

There is one magazine currently sourcing original male models for nude shoots and you are it.

Can't we play nice and all just get along?

Adam Dunn, Toronto, Canada

I bought this issue as I heard Dirk Shaffer was going to pose again for the magazine.  Dirk first posed for Playgirl in 1991, and later for the man of the year issue in 1992, the first issue I ever purchased, and later made a movie about being gay and posing.  He also is the subject of an oil painting on my wall.

Well, he's not in this issue.  All the stuff about Centerfold Reunion had me tricked.

There is a long, long history of people posing naked and selling the pictures.  I think it's too bad that in the internet age that time has passed.  It's not just about seeing the photos, but seeing new models, high quality reproductions, I think there's still a place for that not covered by the internet.  I often read Attitude magazine for the articles and think how I wouldn't object if there was a little nudity thrown in.  But they've gone the total other way, making efforts to remove nudity for some reason.

I'd like to think there is still a place for high quality tasteful male nudes other than in $100 photo books.  Think Physique Pictorial and the like. But I also thought a gay book store was still viable, and with ebooks now, I no longer think any book store can stay solvent.  So what do I know?

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