Monday, May 27, 2013

Doors Open Toronto 2013

Doors open 2013 was fun.  Went with my mom to the building on the cover of the Star insert about the event, the Carpet Factory in Liberty Village.
We had managed to secure tickets to the HBC Queen Street tour as well, which was great fun.  Originally all Yonge St fronted buildings had to be curved, like this example below.  The original HBC building burned down so they didn't build it the same the second time and got fines every year until they funded the onsite subway entrance.
Also note the small side street to the right of City Hall and behind the Eaton Centre used to extend south of Queen to Richmond.  It was purchased to extend Simpsons.
 The original Simpsons logo was above all entrances, and it still above some.
 An original and very dusty fire hose from the mid-50's.
 A lot of things we hidden by the stairs.  When the building was built there were many staircases, which were later replaced by escalators.  The disused stairwells now hold loads of treasures, like the fire hose above and the Simpsons sign below.
 We also went to Maple Leaf Gardens.  Here's a photo from long ago.
 And one from longer ago.
 They kept some of the original seats, which is great, but I think they will grow dusty.
 The new ice rink on the top floor.
 Some dashing mysterious lady came by the house to pay a visit.

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