Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

I spent Mother's Day this year finishing off the book Psycho and hanging out with my dad, as I'm sure everyone did.

We went on a short walk in the hail to brunch.  On the way I saw the best fat cat on a porch chair.  My cat would love this chair.
From there off to the Gladstone Hotel to see a few of the Contact photo exhibitions.

First off was the MacLeans: Face to Face exhibit, a series of portraits shot mostly of and entirely by Canadians.

Then In the Playroom: Photographs by Jonathan Hobin, also at the Gladstone.  A brilliant photo essay and commentary.
I loved the Diana one, and overall the level of detail was stunning.  In the Canadian seals one, for example, note the snow flakes on the wall and the blue bedspread representing the ocean.  Brilliance, though there were one or two I was not able to decipher.

The final exhibition was Queer Portraits by JJ Levine. Overall less impressed with this one, hipsters pouting and trying to look unpretty.  Most of them weren't my crowd, except for this first lady who looks cool.  The final picture was set up as the big GOTCHA She-BANG! but it was too over the top for me.

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