Thursday, May 30, 2013

Born on this day in 1927‏

My dad, Derek Lawson. Figure he is about 24 in this photo, has a wedding ring on, think this must be up at Pike Bay at his parent’s cottage sitting on the bumper of an old Plymouth. He would be 86 years old if he were still with us today. He’s been gone for 24 years and I still feel the ache in my heart and get all weepy when I think of him. A kind and gentle man, soft spoken and thoughtful, sincere, genuine. He was a wonderful father, a good person.

Wish he was here so I could give him a big hug, can still remember how wonderful that felt. Even just talking to him on the phone made me feel safe, like none of my problems really mattered.

Love you dad. Happy Birthday!

Always ... John

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