Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blasted Dr Who

Some of my Micro Dr Who figures arrived on Friday. As usual with Character I spent about 2 hours putting them together.
This company is quite sneaky. Here's the outside of the box:

And when you open it:

You can't tell what figures are in the box. There's 4 hiding in the bottom. No one knows, the packagers don't know, I got 2 doubles in the same set. Sheesh!
Then there's the micro Tardis. Here's the picture from the manufacturer:

Notice how the figure is not in proportion to the Tardis. Problem #1. But also notice how the Tardis is sitting on the street. Here's the instructions:

And my final product:

Notice how it sits 2 inches above the ground and hovers at a dangerous angle, like the Doctor has been smoking crack for 3 days? Yes, that's what I was looking for. Is this supposed to be like this? Do I need a degree in engineering to put together a toy for 5 year olds? (I did have help)
Here's all the figures I got:

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