Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Well lots of changes to announce today. I've changed the name of this blog, I always thought the old name was stupid but couldn't come up with anything better. Someone at work, actually thatstheheavy, suggested the title Occupation: Gay and I thought it was fantastic. So a new title.
Also, probably the biggest change, I've got a new blog. One thing I really love doing on here is my research posts, like the Evolution of Sex, even though they take 4 or 5 hours. I do the same thing with gay sites and was uncomfortable putting too many penises up here. My mom and dad both read this, aunts and uncles. They can read they new one too if they want but I don't want to know about it.
I come from an era before gay, when your friends used to call because Ricki Lake had gay people on, it was the only time you ever saw homosexuals on tv. During the 80's and early 90's, the videocassette revolution, gay porn stars were the only gay people you knew. This was before Ellen, it was even before K.D. Lang. As such I believe gay people have a closer connection to porn stars than straight people. I remember once going to rent porn with my straight roommate and he'd pick a random title, I would always pick one star and try to get everything they'd ever done. I fall in love with these boys. They're like baseball cards, and I have to collect them all.
So this new blog will be related to specific men, some I've mentioned on here like Brent Corrigan or Barrett Long. Let's see if I have any clothed pics of them:
Here they are together! Barrett on the left:

You get the idea. Now if only they'd make a movie together.
Anyway, life is sucking lately. I get to go to the Archives tomorrow which I now consider my salvation, then Friday off.
My cat is over-licking one spot on her arm for some reason. I'm having a massive fight with a cleaning woman at work and for once it's not my fault. I was still made to apologize today, for which she spat in my face, so that's going well. I need to change my sheets and do laundry and dishes and I'm tired all the time. In fact I'm going for a nap.

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Danny T said...

To be fair, it was C.o.R. that suggested it. Y'know, that Black guy in the picture behind ya!

So, what does the 'rents think about him........you have told them haven't you?!?!