Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Double Duty

The funny thing about running 2 blogs is I'm not slowing down, I'm feeling the pressure and now I'm a blogging fool. My other blog is up to 600 hits in the space of a week.
I'm not supposed to be spending as I'm saving for my trip, so I bought a $60 book today, New York Sex 1979-85 by Gary Lee Boas.

It's a collection of stories and pictures from this guy who hung out in sex clubs in NYC in the early 80's. Now he's a big time photographer and published a book.
I'm tired and my internet is slow as dial up for some reason Primus can't explain, so today a poem, from 1967, from the book "The Short Happy Sex Life of Stud Sorell and 69 Other Flights of Fancy" by Orlando Paris.

Tricks of Fate
Why is it
That when I'm
Out looking,
The streets are bare,
The bars empty?
Everyone seems to be
Some place else.
But just let me
Be late to work or
Have an appointment,
Something important
That must be done,
And all the beautiful boys
In the entire world
Materialize before me,
Showing your magnificent baskets,
Young, eager, practically
Handing me
Engraved invitations
To make love.
Something must be done
About re-arranging
My schedule.

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