Saturday, February 9, 2008

Colton Ford Featuring Cazwell

Cazwell is hot, I love how he's becoming the gay Eminem. I just wish I knew where to buy this version of this song, I would.

In other news, working with the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives has paid off again, on Wednesday I received another amazing piece of gay history, "Discrimination and the Gay Minority", a brief to members of the Ontario Legislature from 1977. In typical me fashion, it was in excellent condition when I received it so I accidentally removed the staples and spilled coffee on it. Yet another reason why I don't run the archives.

This was a report to the government showing how gays were discriminated against and why the law should be changed. There are amazing documents in there, about how people were fired for being gay and a bunch of other things, but instead of an account of the incident, this is all real documents from the time. I've copied the best 2.

This is a disciplinary letter to a lifeguard working for the Toronto District School Board (click to enlarge). On November 9, 1977, John Argue was given this letter for being gay and made to agree he would not eat, swim or talk to the students he was lifeguarding.

Another excellent article is this one on a film not being shown at the library.

Of note in this is the stupidity presented by the talking heads representing the library, most notably Hazel McCallion, who has been mayor of Mississauga since I've been alive.

"I'm not sure a public body should promote a topic not generally accepted by the public," McCallion said, adding that the library should stay away from controversial issues and promote positive things such as anti-vandalism and the perils of drugs.

WHAT? Number 1, what group of adults is going to show up at 7:30 on a Friday night to see an anti-vandalism film? Number 2, what exactly is positive about the perils of drug addiction?

She also mentions the film is dangerous as there would not be a heterosexual present to give another point of view and the leader of the event could be promoting homosexuality. This is how we recruit you know, free films at the library. She goes on to ask if we should promote communism or prostitution at the library. I believe this is the first time in my life I've heard communism and prostitution in the same sentence.

Finally it is inappropriate to show this kind of film when 40% of the libraries users are minors. At 7:30 on a Friday night for a gay film in 1977? Or in general 40% of the people who walk in the door?

Finally, I'd like to go to this event and need someone to volunteer to go with me:

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