Sunday, January 17, 2010

2 vs 27

I see it's 2 degrees in Toronto today. It's 27 in Miami Beach.
I'm at the hostel, getting picked up in half an hour to drive around and meet some of my roommates friends, then off to the boat.

My alergies were acting up like crazy last night, I forgot to take my pills in all the excitement of travelling. I went to bed about midnight and had a good sleep, thanks to earplugs.

It's very hot here.

I bought a tshirt last night and when I tried it on it was too small this morning.

Extra security wasn't so bad at Pearson. Hardly any lines. They touch everything in your carry on bad, then some people were patted down and some people just had to stick their hands in their pockets and then have them tested for explosives. I was the latter, which worked well for me.

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piscies75 said...

hey gloating on the temperature? you savage , enough fun in the sun get back here and suffer like the rest of us!