Thursday, January 21, 2010

Grand Cayman and day 5

How is the time flying by so quickly? It’s day five already.

Just got back from Grand Cayman. It seems the island is really poor so they basically rope off an area for tour boats which contains 100 shops each selling the exact same things. It was lame and overpriced.

My chest is itchy from the sunburn. My face and arms are ok, just a little red.

Having so much fun. Dancing until 4 am last night, Lady Gaga comes on with Bad Romance and the place goes nuts, everyone in amazing Alice in Wonderland themed costumes. Great shows with Miss Richfield, then cabaret lounge acts, a laugh a minute. Amazing food in the elegant dining room, friendly people and dancing til dawn.

A little bit of silence in the comments after my last post. It was temporary, I remember feeling the same on every other vacation but I think I just never stopped to write it down. I remember in Poland, no one spoke English, no one would even look at you, and I was wondering why I even went and feeling very downhearted and missing home. It passes, I think missing home is a part of travelling. And with everything I do in life, I wonder why I do it and second and third guess myself. Why am I here? Was this the best use of my vacation money? Would I come back? One thing I love about a vacation is you don’t have very long to think these things before moving on to the next exciting thing and another fun filled day.

Tonight is an acrobat show, followed by a hypnotist show which was one of the best things on the last cruise. Tomorrow up early, no more getting to sleep at 5 am, meeting at 9:45 for the Telum Mayan ruins tour. Then shopping in Cozumel, Mexico and another beautiful day on the beach in the 30 degree sun. No rain so far.

Couldn’t be having a better time.

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