Monday, January 25, 2010


Update on the death:

I'm at the hostel now, it's 11:42 on Monday night, a taxi is coming to get me at 9:15 tomorrow morning.
Last night everyone was SUPER loud, the police was called, there was a fight. And to think this hostel won the best atmosphere award! I think that's because they have 2 fridges and they let people drink, most other hostels I've been in across the US don't allow alcohol on the premises. I've stayed here 3 times, this will be the last. At least last night everyone went to a party at 11 so there was relative quiet after that. There's no parties on Monday nights so everyone has to stay here. And I can't put my earplugs in as I have to hear my alarm tomorrow morning. D'oh. Maybe they'll get quieter as the night goes on and they have more and more to drink? Ha, ha, ha. Sometimes I make myself laugh.

So I got off the boat yesterday and went to Walmart with Alberto. Then over to the Holocaust Memorial, which was really amazing. Off to the beach, out to dinner, more shopping. Today it was kind of rainy when I woke up and overcast so I stayed in bed until 3 pm. Got picked up and went out for a very nice expensive Italian dinner with my roommate which I paid for. I figured it was the least I could do. Afterward off to the movies to see "A Single Man". Loved itm very beautiful. They say the book is mostly set in his mind, a la "The Catcher in the Rye" so I'm looking forward to reading the book. As a result not too much actually happens but it was beautiful and well acted. I could have seen Avatar but I refuse. Why would I watch a movie about blue cat people when there's quality to be seen?

Afterward shopping again in the ritzy part of town. All kinds of nice boutiques. They have some amazing cool latin inspired shirts here, with sequins and all kinds of colourful designs, I love them. I've been trying to find one that fits. Unfortunately nothing seems to. So today I found one, 2 XL and thought "Finally!" It didn't fit. I asked the salesgirl if she had a gun as my life was obviously over and from now on I would be wearing ponchos with the occasional mu-mu thrown in for good measure. She didn't laugh.

Back to the hostel and a 9:15 taxi coming. I can't really go to sleep yet at it's so noisy here. Last night everyone went out to a party at 11 but there's no parties on Monday nights.


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