Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cruise photos, part one

These photos are in reverse chronological order, so they start at the middle of the vacation and end at the start.
Everyone decorated their doors again. I think these people may have been British.

This was a magnet on one of the doors I though was really funny:

The guy also had some photos of himself on his door and when I took this, he walked by and said "Would you like the real thing?"
This was the dating game. The bachelor in the middle was from a farm in rural Australia and was the winner in more ways then one. There was also a Newlywed Game which was too fun. Last year my favourite question was "What is something you do in the bedroom that no one knows about?" and the lesbian couple said "We use knives." This year it was "What is the wildest thing your partner asked you to do in the bedroom that you actually did?" And the funny part is they got a straight woman from the crew to write down the answers and repeat them back. So when the guy said "Pee in my mouth" the woman nearly had a heart attack and downed her entire glass of wine. Quite funny.

A photo from the ice show. It was good, but it went back to like Russia in the 1700's which I'm guessing not too many people could relate to.
More later. I'm still in Miami and it just stopped raining. Off to the beach!

Didn't get to the beach. It's still overcast and when I went to get my beach stuff, the air conditioner was on and it felt so nice I had a nap in front of it.
Anyway, I'm waiting now for my roommate to pick me up so we can go to dinner and a movie.
Here's a coconut tree, check out the huge long yellow pods that eventually become coconuts. Who knew that happened?

Another hammock shot, this time me learning how to use it:

I thought this was very cute. An ad for the next gay cruise perhaps?

Some men in kilts were asked if they were a "true Scotsman" today:

Beautiful sunset on the Ocean, whatever ocean it was....

I thought this was cute. Could also me an ad for the cruise:

Some naughty fun at the departure from Miami party:

Did I mention I loved this guy's ass?

Kirk and Spock. When asked why they dressed up like this, Spock replied "It's a military party."

Boys on the boat:

Here's my tattoo and the temporary tattoo I brought and put on that I thought looked pretty cool:

Though I think this photo of me in my cabin turned out better:

First pool game was Project Runway. This guy had some nerve to wear this, especially as the costume kept falling off.

Charlie, one of the very friendly cruise staff I loved on my first trip:

This time we decorated our door:

Me and Matt Yee, the piano bar singer who was amazing. (He's the one in the dress)

The first photo we took and lucky Alberto go in it. Levi is on the right and the guy on the left is Mark, we called him "bad boy" as he was naughty and liked it that way. I think over the course of the cruise Mark replaced Levi as my crush of the week, but my roommate Alberto kept cutting in and taking EXCELLENT photos with him, that bitch! I need to go crop him out of all of them now....

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