Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vancouver - Part Two

Today started off a bit slower. I think as the days go on we will get slower and slower and get up later and later.
We got up this morning and took our little ferry over to Granville Island for some breakfast.

Sarah had eggs Benedict and I had an English muffin with egg, tomato and cheese which sounds plain but the English muffin was made from scratch, there was a ton of real cheddar cheese and it was just about the best breakfast I've had for a long, long time.
From there we took the bus to the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens. It was kind of cool. Two minutes into a path we saw a coyote. They are really quick and hard to photograph so I was lucky to get this shot.

Also as soon as we walked in we saw a spider's web. It took me a minute to figure out how to photograph it without zooming in on the background but my camera came through. I love my camera.

They had a maze that was actually a little challenging. Here's the entrance:

When I got out I sat and waited for Sarah to emerge, little did I realize I should have brought a packed lunch - it took her a little while.

Some amazing flowers and statues.
Here's a cool monkey statue and what I called the 'middle finger plant' on the right as it looks like a hand giving the finger.

More monkeys:

The plants here are HUGE!:

Some turtles having a sun:

Some people reading:

Part of the rose garden:

From there we walked over to the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre and looked at an exhibit on Canada and the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.
It was professionally done but the Olympic part didn't really interest me. They did have a couple of good ads for the purification of the German race from that period.
This one shows the typical German on the left, and the typical Jew on the right:

This one says that supporting the mentally handicapped will cost each citizen 50,000 Deutschmarks over the course of their lives.

Sarah developed a massive headache so we came back to the hostel to lie down. I thought I'd work on the blog while she napped but soon I was fast asleep too.
We awoke around 5 and headed over to the Vancouver Art Gallery which was admission by donation Tuesdays after 5 pm as they only had two of their four floors open with exhibits. The top floor was something like 'Modern Artists Interpret Emily Carr' with Carr-esque works alongside some of her own originals. I was thinking to myself 'My mom would love this...." but not even photos were allowed.
The second floor was modern eye-witness or something like that. This exhibit included a lot of photographs which I love. One of my favorites was by Philip-Lorca Dicorcia and was taken in the early 90's during a time when there was a lot of scandal in America about what public money was funding what art projects. This artist applied for and got a grant to photograph male prostitutes and pose them in artsy film-style backdrops. They have names like 'Daniel - Florida - $25". It's sheer brilliance and hey, people like me pay taxes too.

From there a quick dinner and then back to the hostel to blog.
It's 11 pm now, Sarah is asleep in the bed above me and one of our neighbors in the room is a really hot guy so it's all good. I'll be off to bed as soon as I post this. Tomorrow is our last full day in Vancouver, we're going to the museum, an Indian restaurant for dinner and drag bingo tomorrow night featuring 'dirty' prizes. I can't wait!

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