Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Getting up at 6:30 a.m. wasn't as hard as I thought it would be due to the three hour time difference we are still recovering from.
We took the bus to the Greyhound, bought our tickets and were then searched for alcohol and knives. They don't do that on the Toronto Greyhounds but then again no one had their head cut off by a stranger on a Toronto Greyhound bus.
A VERY scenic 2.5 hour ride there through the Rockies was incredible:

And we were there.
Whistler Village is so quaint and very nice with it's urban planning and high class shops. It was also very cold and rainy with snow having fallen on the top of the mountain just this morning. I needed a sweater so the hunt was on - something under $100 and something that actually fit me. I ended up in Roots and got a nice red hoodie that said "Whistler" for about $50.
Here's Sarah and I getting suited up for the zip line:

Notice the look of terror on my face:

Off to the zip line which I can't believe I actually did. Even the little bunny starter hill was freaking me out. The instructors have a trick, they tell you to walk down the steps and they give you the number of steps. So for example for me she said "Walk down 9 steps, then go". So I was like "7... 8... 999999999....." as I went sailing into next week at 100 km an hour.
Here's Sarah on the practice one:

Bunny hill over we got a ride to the top of the mountain and stood in a rain forest ready for our first zip. At this point I was freaking out like no body's business so they stopped to tell us some details of the forest and their conservation programs. From there on to the zip!

I went first so I could take a photo of Sarah going and it was all okay until I cleared the trees. We were over a canyon and creek about 300 feet in the air and as I noticed that I had a moment where I felt like screaming but I was already half way across so it seemed silly.
Sarah and I stop zipping long enough for a photo:

Our second zip was the longest (longer than the height of the Eiffel Tower) and there was a photographer there to take photos and charge an arm and a leg. Sarah and my best ones are these:

After that I started thinking of the zip line as a transportation device and it wasn't so bad. On the last one we had the option to go upside down and I did! It was a bit like hanging upside down from the monkey bars, which I knew I could do, except I was going 100 km/hour over a canyon. Fun! At the end I wasn't scared at all and would probably do it again.
Here's another one of Sarah on the line:

Our guides Carrie and Rusty were the best, very patient and encouraging. Rusty was from Australia on a work visa and was very cute and everyone loved his accent. As I was walking up the steps to one of the zip lines my calves started spasming again so I was moving very slowly but he just said it was a small group, and I could take as much time as I needed.
Afterward we got a photo with our guides and everyone looks great in it:

Once off the zip line we headed over to the peak-to-peak gondola ride. I've never wanted to ski but I've always wanted to ride a gondola to the top of a mountain. We rode a special gondola to the top of one mountain and then took the special peak-to-peak to the other mountain peak. Unfortunately by this time it was really raining hard (luckily it didn't pour during our zip trek!) and it was also very cold and foggy plus I think we were actually in a cloud so on the special gondola we couldn't see a thing.
Here's Sarah and I on the gondola:

(She's the one who was freezing to death)

Part of the nothing we could see:

Once back on the ground we headed home.
Of course the weather immediately got beautiful again:

After a quick stop at the hostel we went to a gay-themed, well gay-audienced, show at the J-Lounge and back to sleep.
Overall this was the best day yet and I'm really glad we did it!

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