Friday, September 24, 2010

Victoria - Part Two

Better late than never I suppose!
On our last day of vacation and our last day in Victoria we decided to go to a castle and the historic military site Fort Rodd Hill.
The castle was outside of town and we were told it was about a 2 km walk from the nearest bus stop. We got on the bus, told the driver where we were going, rode for about half an hour until the driver said "Last stop, everyone off!" When we asked him about our stop he started cursing a blue streak and saying he would have to drive us back now. He said it was all the confusion from the people on the bus, and two people had gotten on since we did...
Anyway, he drove us back, we walked down an incredibly steep hill, and found the castle!

I don't remember what it was called but it doesn't matter as it was a private function and they wouldn't let us in. Nice.
From there we wanted to walk over to Fort Rodd Hill. When we asked how to get there at the castle the woman had to get help to give directions and I thought "This isn't good".
Walked back up the steep hill and down a road to nowhere for about a half an hour and I started to feel dizzy. I hadn't eaten and we had been doing a ton of walking everywhere and my body decided to quit. I sat down on the side of the road and saw some blackberries, which I thought I could eat to keep my blood sugar up and not feint.
I could barely stand but I started grabbing berries left and right, I must have had over 100. They were so perfectly sweet, I loved them. I think Sarah was just watching in amazment, oh and taking photos:

When finished I sat down, then lay down, and almost passed out but didn't. I felt quite weak but we were almost there, and we were in the middle of nowhere so I had little choice, and we marched on.
Fort Rodd Hill is where they defended Canada presumably against the Japenese if it had of come to that.

I had never seen a lighthouse actually attached to a building before, it's a good idea. Why don't they all have that? A plaque said this was the first one on the west coast.

Inside the fort a recreation of barracks life:

I had to sit down quite a lot as I was still weak but Sarah had energy for the both of us, and was climbing around.

As I was saying...
Oh, actually in this shot I said she should look like she was defending Canada, so she shook her fist.


My last photo, from the mall across the street from our hotel.

We went back to the hotel room and had a quiet night in with Swiss Chalet and watched "The Sound of Music". An amazing time!

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