Monday, January 25, 2010


Update on the death:

I'm at the hostel now, it's 11:42 on Monday night, a taxi is coming to get me at 9:15 tomorrow morning.
Last night everyone was SUPER loud, the police was called, there was a fight. And to think this hostel won the best atmosphere award! I think that's because they have 2 fridges and they let people drink, most other hostels I've been in across the US don't allow alcohol on the premises. I've stayed here 3 times, this will be the last. At least last night everyone went to a party at 11 so there was relative quiet after that. There's no parties on Monday nights so everyone has to stay here. And I can't put my earplugs in as I have to hear my alarm tomorrow morning. D'oh. Maybe they'll get quieter as the night goes on and they have more and more to drink? Ha, ha, ha. Sometimes I make myself laugh.

So I got off the boat yesterday and went to Walmart with Alberto. Then over to the Holocaust Memorial, which was really amazing. Off to the beach, out to dinner, more shopping. Today it was kind of rainy when I woke up and overcast so I stayed in bed until 3 pm. Got picked up and went out for a very nice expensive Italian dinner with my roommate which I paid for. I figured it was the least I could do. Afterward off to the movies to see "A Single Man". Loved itm very beautiful. They say the book is mostly set in his mind, a la "The Catcher in the Rye" so I'm looking forward to reading the book. As a result not too much actually happens but it was beautiful and well acted. I could have seen Avatar but I refuse. Why would I watch a movie about blue cat people when there's quality to be seen?

Afterward shopping again in the ritzy part of town. All kinds of nice boutiques. They have some amazing cool latin inspired shirts here, with sequins and all kinds of colourful designs, I love them. I've been trying to find one that fits. Unfortunately nothing seems to. So today I found one, 2 XL and thought "Finally!" It didn't fit. I asked the salesgirl if she had a gun as my life was obviously over and from now on I would be wearing ponchos with the occasional mu-mu thrown in for good measure. She didn't laugh.

Back to the hostel and a 9:15 taxi coming. I can't really go to sleep yet at it's so noisy here. Last night everyone went out to a party at 11 but there's no parties on Monday nights.


Cruise photos part two

We weren't allowed cameras when we went in to see Roseanne so I couldn't really take my nice big camera that EVERYONE on the ship loved again. It was really one of the best purchases of my life - and I got it as a gift. Thanks Dad!
Anyway, I took my old pocket camera instead and this is the best photo of the 2 I took:

Back to the good camera and this is the photo of my with bad boy. It took like an hour to get this. First Alberto rushed in and got his photo first, then when I tried for mine he couldn't figure out how to work my camera. By the time I showed him how, bad boy had left and was kissing someone who was grabbing his ass for over an hour. I didn't feel like I could say "Excuse me, could you stop grabbing his ass so I can get a photo with him?" and it was already 3 am so I couldn't just try later, so after 4 I finally found my chance and got this one. Although watching him make out with someone else for an hour did kind of put a dampner on my night.

And fucking Alberto who ended up with a better photo an hour earlier. grrrr...

Loads of men at the white party.

Me in my white party outfit, with boa.

The cruise ship and I. Getting this photo took forever, trying to adjust for the low light. It was some random dock in the middle of the dark in Mexico, I was sure we'd have our throat slit, but fortunately we'd have a photo to identify the body:

Me on the cliff behind the Telum ruins.

There were a lot of really huge lizards there. People who live in the south didn't understand the northern's fascination with them - they see them all the time.

The Telum ruins looked cool from this vantage point. They're only 1,000 years old though...

The hypnotist wasn't as good this year. Michael Swenson from last year was WAY better. I hope they bring him back next year. At this point they were all trying to be body builders:

Another thing is he said "Just the way God made you" which kind of pissed me off as there's no god and if there was, he clearly didn't make me individually.
Anyway, next he told them to be strippers:

Us tendering and trying to get back to the boat in Grand Cayman:

No one works in this flipping place.
We went into the post office, four wickets are open, all of them have a closed sign. I ask one lady, she says to go to the back. I go to the back, get told to go to the front. All for one stamp!
Also there were chickens in the middle of the streets:

So I tried to catch one. They're fast!

The Alice in Wonderland themed party

I wanted the tail off the white rabbit

Me and Jackie Beat, looking a bit serious!

Some sunglasses we found on the seats made for a cool photo!

Disco t-dance photos:

Look closely at the blue shorts on the right.


Love the shoes!

The weirdest outfit of the whole cruise:

One of the shows, this one "Dark Lady" by Cher.

A "Mommie Dearest" themed obstacle course was kind of lost on me as I've never seen the movie. I liked the spanking part.

And that's all!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cruise photos, part one

These photos are in reverse chronological order, so they start at the middle of the vacation and end at the start.
Everyone decorated their doors again. I think these people may have been British.

This was a magnet on one of the doors I though was really funny:

The guy also had some photos of himself on his door and when I took this, he walked by and said "Would you like the real thing?"
This was the dating game. The bachelor in the middle was from a farm in rural Australia and was the winner in more ways then one. There was also a Newlywed Game which was too fun. Last year my favourite question was "What is something you do in the bedroom that no one knows about?" and the lesbian couple said "We use knives." This year it was "What is the wildest thing your partner asked you to do in the bedroom that you actually did?" And the funny part is they got a straight woman from the crew to write down the answers and repeat them back. So when the guy said "Pee in my mouth" the woman nearly had a heart attack and downed her entire glass of wine. Quite funny.

A photo from the ice show. It was good, but it went back to like Russia in the 1700's which I'm guessing not too many people could relate to.
More later. I'm still in Miami and it just stopped raining. Off to the beach!

Didn't get to the beach. It's still overcast and when I went to get my beach stuff, the air conditioner was on and it felt so nice I had a nap in front of it.
Anyway, I'm waiting now for my roommate to pick me up so we can go to dinner and a movie.
Here's a coconut tree, check out the huge long yellow pods that eventually become coconuts. Who knew that happened?

Another hammock shot, this time me learning how to use it:

I thought this was very cute. An ad for the next gay cruise perhaps?

Some men in kilts were asked if they were a "true Scotsman" today:

Beautiful sunset on the Ocean, whatever ocean it was....

I thought this was cute. Could also me an ad for the cruise:

Some naughty fun at the departure from Miami party:

Did I mention I loved this guy's ass?

Kirk and Spock. When asked why they dressed up like this, Spock replied "It's a military party."

Boys on the boat:

Here's my tattoo and the temporary tattoo I brought and put on that I thought looked pretty cool:

Though I think this photo of me in my cabin turned out better:

First pool game was Project Runway. This guy had some nerve to wear this, especially as the costume kept falling off.

Charlie, one of the very friendly cruise staff I loved on my first trip:

This time we decorated our door:

Me and Matt Yee, the piano bar singer who was amazing. (He's the one in the dress)

The first photo we took and lucky Alberto go in it. Levi is on the right and the guy on the left is Mark, we called him "bad boy" as he was naughty and liked it that way. I think over the course of the cruise Mark replaced Levi as my crush of the week, but my roommate Alberto kept cutting in and taking EXCELLENT photos with him, that bitch! I need to go crop him out of all of them now....