Sunday, October 28, 2012

Los Angeles, Day Four

Woke up late at like 2, it was nice to sleep in.
Went to the post office to send myself the items the ONE Archives gave me.  16 lbs 8 oz I don't have to try to get back home, thank goodness, but $60 poorer.
It was quite funny, the line at the post office went on forever and the lady in front of us is like "Can I see all your stamps? Your 1 cent, 2 cent, I need to see them all." Then she did some math in her head, then she asked about a money order, then she did some more math, and took like 3 stamps worth about 20 cents.  The she goes to leave and she comes back and goes "What was my total again? I forget." And the lady behind the counter, who had been the picture of politeness, goes "I TOLD you, 20 cents!" and the woman asked to see her manager.  Well everyone in line is just dying laughing, so I get up to the window and say in a very loud voice "Can I see one of each stamp in every denomination?" and we're all howling with laughter and the girl behind the counter is crying she's laughing so hard.  This guy in line is like "Can you hurry up please, there's people behind you" to the woman beside me, and she goes "What are you going to do about it, sweet cheeks?" and then we all laughed again.

I went to the opening of the new show "Steven Arnold: Cabinet of Curiosities" at the ONE Archives Gallery and Museum in WeHo tonight. A nice space for a gallery but ours is much bigger.
 Yes a nice space, but no finger foods.  Now how is a brother supposed to kick back and have a good time with no crudités?
 I was going to wear this outfit below, I'm glad I didn't, I would have clashed.
 I mean, no celery, or crackers or nothing??
 Not even a 99 cent bag of salt and vinegar chips in a bowl?
 A cookie?
 I walked by this on the way home.  Looked cool but was shut.
Shuttle to my boat tomorrow.  No blogging for 7 days.  Will write stuff and post when I get home.

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