Monday, October 22, 2012

San Francisco Day Three

Woke up and met my friend Jeremy from high school who lives in nearby San Jose.  We hoped in his convertible Mercedes Benz and drove over the Golden Gate bridge with the top down.  That was fun, I can tell you.
 Here he is driving.
 It was so nice to see a familiar face and I haven't seen him in over 10 years so it was also nice to get re-acquainted.  As you get older it's nice to know people who knew you when you were younger.  We went shopping, had lunch, a great time.
Amazing weather for photos too.
Alcatraz is the island on the left in the distance.

Love the houses on the hills.
We went over to the Muir Woods.  It was crazy busy, it started to rain as we got there and parking lot after parking lot was full.  It would have been a 20 or 30 minute walk from where we parked back to the start of the trails and we hadn't had lunch yet and it was raining so I suggested we skip it.
Some nice views on the way down and back though from the car.
This is the car in question.
Another one of Jeremy.
Kitty.  I asked and they said Pip is a Manx and was born without a tail.
This is Jeremy's amazing panoramic shot with his new Iphone 5.  He works for Apple.  I saved this one for last as I thought when I saw this I may as well just throw my shots in the garbage.  As always you can click to enlarge the photos.
A quiet night in watching the Beekman Boys on the Amazing Race.  Have to get up early tomorrow for Alcatraz.

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