Saturday, October 27, 2012

Los Angeles, Day Three

A short post.
I woke up and went to the Getty.  Bus drivers gave me wrong directions, I tried to get on the bus but there was construction, I had to wait across the street for a different bus.  When that came 30 min later I was on the wrong side of the road.  When the next came 30 min later they told me to try the first one again.  I had to pay again and again. A joke.
I finally got almost there and then walked down a treacherous road and nearly got hit by 100 cars.  The Getty was nice enough, the Maplethorpe exhibit was very small, no photos allowed. It took me so long to get there due to spending two hours waiting for one bus, so I had to leave to get to the archives.

I had promised a write up on my visit to the archives so I'm doing that as a separate post.

Also I learned a new word, "cream" or "creme" but I don't know what it means.  McDonalds is selling holiday Christmas pies, like their apple pie but for Christmas.  I asked what was in it and the guy said "cream".  Now to me, cream is like what goes in coffee, which that was not.  Also it can't be whipped cream as you can't deep fry a whipped cream pie.  So what the heck is it?
I went to a bakery today and they had a chocolate covered thing, I asked what was in it and she goes "cream" ("creme"?).
What the hell is cream?

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