Thursday, August 15, 2013

Edmonton - Day Only

 Got to Edmonton very late, around 11 pm. This is possibly the only city in the world where the taxis don't come to meet the train.  The train arrives every 2nd day at 11 pm and nothing. There's no bus, no taxis, nothing.  So I called for a taxi and about 20 minutes later one came, for the 10 people that wanted one, one came.  These people are slow.
I shared a taxi with a girl and got to my hostel and checked in. Edmonton is very spread out, and my hostel was not downtown, but in a separate trendy shopping kind of area. I checked in around midnight, I'm only sharing a room with one other person, but as I get closer to my room I hear this loud music. My roommate has fallen asleep piss drunk and left his music blaring. Alcohol is all over the room.  Good times.
I shut off his music, get into bed, it's very hot, no A/C, no fan, and I'm thinking I'm about done. In the morning I got up and took the bus to the West Edmonton Mall:
But my arms are covered with mosquito bites:
And I'm kind of done.  I decide to head home.
I took the bus back to the hostel, called Air Canada, and for $200 I got an indirect flight home that landed late at 2 am.  It was nice to be home. Calgary was my lay-over instead of a destination, but it's all good, great trip.

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