Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cazwell Pride show

Went to the Cazwell show tonight. I bunch of people were supposed to come, almost all canceled which left me depressed. You know how sometimes you get super depressed for no reason? Well I got over it soon enough, my friends Liz and Adrian showed up ready to dance.

We got to the stage and heard the last of some terrible band just in time for Johnny Dangerous.

He's a bit like Lil Kim, very raunchy lyrics, fun though, I bought the CD for $10 and got him to sign something on it, I can't make it out.

Then it was Cazwell, who was awesome. A bit more gay in person than on his videos.

He sang only like 5 songs but they were awesome. Check out his Smurf pants! I bought his CD here for like $30 but they had it there for $15. I picked up his t-shirt, here's a picture of him and I with me wearing it.

The funniest part was when he was like, "Buy my Cd, I'll kiss it, lick it, jizz on it, rub it on my ass crack, whatever you want, just buy it." I was sorry I had pre-bought it. Best lyric "He spit out my pre-cum like he was beatboxing".

It occurs to me I may be setting myself up. I'm glad I started this blog during Pride week but usually my life has far less cock and celebrities....

I'm really into Please Bang My Wife lately. Its hot guy screwing some other guy's wife while he watches. It's all psychological, the whole thing is a mind fuck between the men, how emasculating is that? Brilliant.

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Danny T said...

Sounds like this dude reaked (in more ways than one) of desperation!