Sunday, June 17, 2007

Taste of Josh Towers

Went to the Blue Jays game today with Josh Towers pitching.

Josh is such a nice guy, I really wish him well. He donates to children's charities and he once hand-reared a batch of kittens. It was very hot but we had excellent seats thanks to Joe's membership in the Communist Party. They had a new sign for Frank Thomas to hit 500 home runs.

Like that's going to happen. He has like 8 home runs this year and is batting .205. Watch out! The highlight was when Gregg Zaun came in to pinch hit.

Then we lost the game.
Oh, they also gave out free John Gibbons ties.

Afterwards we went to Taste of Little Italy, with an emphasis on the Little. It was pretty sparse but I did manage to get a nice steak. Here's a picture of Joe with his new 99 cent hat. Spare no expense for fashion!

Oh and I did buy the Tardis Playset and some other cool Dr Who toys. They wanted 35 pounds to ship it from England so I bought it from some fly-by-night company in the States. The things 3 feet high, I have no idea where I'm going to put it.
I have to clean up my apartment and watch Britain's Got Talent. Ciao!

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