Thursday, June 21, 2007

Chris Geary's Porn Party Pics!

Lets start with the nice picture first before we're all ex-communicated. This is a picture of me with Chris Geary and his boyfriend. We got there like 10:45 and the show started 5 minutes later, excellent timing. Chris and his boyfriend were dressed in drag, the boys came out and stripped and then wrestled on the floor.

That's Chris and his partner on the far right stage, giggling it up! I met them out side they were both really nice and friendly guys.

Apparently Chris isn't really chatty. If I was holding a porn party, I think I'd be a bit louder, but who knows. This lasted about 20 minutes, then we wondered if it was over for about another 20 minutes. Then the boys came back, without Chris, and sucked cock and licked ass for another 20 minutes.

I had never seen that on a stage before and my friend Sasha was like "I feel very dirty". Once I got there, I was totally into it. We danced a bit to my new fav song by Cazwell, and then off home at about 12:30. Tomorrow night baseball and Friday Cazwell in person!

The show was good. It was too short, there weren't that many people, Chris was quiet. There were about 5 people in the way with video cameras which I guess is good cause I can buy it later somewhere on this page or here.

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