Saturday, June 16, 2007

Eeek! A Girl!!!!!!

Went to the Hidden Cameras show and didn't take my camera. What kind of a blogger am I? I saw this other guy who was at the Kids on TV show the day before, I have chosen him to be my arch-rival blogger. I have to out-blog him! He didn't have a camera either but he did have a notepad. Joe suggested I get a pork-pie hat with a card in it that said "blog". I think I will. But not off E-bay. I have to give that a rest after the feedback incident.

So I got there and there were 10,000 bicycles, it turns out it was an all ages event. Some young girls asked us to buy them a drink, so I gave them my wristband instead. Jack and his wife Justine showed up and the party got started!

All this hot-linking takes forever! My pizza will be here soon, I've got to hurry up!

Ok so the show was videotaped, half way through the people on stage decided to crowd surf. It looks so much easier in the movies! This huge woman came flying towards me and I rushed out of the way, lest I touch her and get cooties. That's when I bumped into Justine, knocked over her cane and broke the strap on her purse. Whoops. Oh well, she's a tough cookie. So after that I just got out of the way.

Afterwards we reviewed the items confiscated at the door, someone tried to bring in a baguette? Then we went for drinks at a pub and ate this large plate of fried items and went home.

Today Captain Jack is back on Doctor Who so I'm watching all the old episodes from season 1 when it wasn't as good and then today's ep. I've got all the action figures now, all though my Dalek is taking forever to arrive, so now I need the Tardis playset. It's like $100 so I'll wait until like this afternoon.

Tomorrow baseball with Josh Towers pitching and then the Taste of Italy street festival! Ciao!

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