Friday, June 22, 2007

Funny observations and celebrity sightings

So I went to the baseball game, thinking "Why do I need my camera?" Of course five minutes down the street I run into Ben Mulroney. I'm gonna have to start taking the thing everywhere. I'll bet my arch-rival blogger has 100's of pictures of Ben Mulroney.

Here's a video:

I found the video above on the net of some guy streaking. Another one shows he actually owns a trench coat so this guy is a pro. So what's funny is I did a google search on him and found his profile here. Check out the bottom, under the heading "Latest News:"
Boo Boo broke my heart completely, and I will never be the same, ever again. COME BACK INTO MY LIFE ALBERTO-I still miss you so much after all this time; I wait every day for you hoping beyond all hope that somehow you will contact me and say hello.....I will always love you till my dying breath....4/23/07
Even perverts need love!

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