Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cazwell Pride show

Went to the Cazwell show tonight. I bunch of people were supposed to come, almost all canceled which left me depressed. You know how sometimes you get super depressed for no reason? Well I got over it soon enough, my friends Liz and Adrian showed up ready to dance.

We got to the stage and heard the last of some terrible band just in time for Johnny Dangerous.

He's a bit like Lil Kim, very raunchy lyrics, fun though, I bought the CD for $10 and got him to sign something on it, I can't make it out.

Then it was Cazwell, who was awesome. A bit more gay in person than on his videos.

He sang only like 5 songs but they were awesome. Check out his Smurf pants! I bought his CD here for like $30 but they had it there for $15. I picked up his t-shirt, here's a picture of him and I with me wearing it.

The funniest part was when he was like, "Buy my Cd, I'll kiss it, lick it, jizz on it, rub it on my ass crack, whatever you want, just buy it." I was sorry I had pre-bought it. Best lyric "He spit out my pre-cum like he was beatboxing".

It occurs to me I may be setting myself up. I'm glad I started this blog during Pride week but usually my life has far less cock and celebrities....

I'm really into Please Bang My Wife lately. Its hot guy screwing some other guy's wife while he watches. It's all psychological, the whole thing is a mind fuck between the men, how emasculating is that? Brilliant.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Funny observations and celebrity sightings

So I went to the baseball game, thinking "Why do I need my camera?" Of course five minutes down the street I run into Ben Mulroney. I'm gonna have to start taking the thing everywhere. I'll bet my arch-rival blogger has 100's of pictures of Ben Mulroney.

Here's a video:

I found the video above on the net of some guy streaking. Another one shows he actually owns a trench coat so this guy is a pro. So what's funny is I did a google search on him and found his profile here. Check out the bottom, under the heading "Latest News:"
Boo Boo broke my heart completely, and I will never be the same, ever again. COME BACK INTO MY LIFE ALBERTO-I still miss you so much after all this time; I wait every day for you hoping beyond all hope that somehow you will contact me and say hello.....I will always love you till my dying breath....4/23/07
Even perverts need love!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Kids on TV photoset

There's a set of all my naked Kids on TV photos here.

I'm late for baseball! Plus I have to go buy tickets to the July 6 screening of this. What have I gotten myself into?

Chris Geary's Porn Party Pics!

Lets start with the nice picture first before we're all ex-communicated. This is a picture of me with Chris Geary and his boyfriend. We got there like 10:45 and the show started 5 minutes later, excellent timing. Chris and his boyfriend were dressed in drag, the boys came out and stripped and then wrestled on the floor.

That's Chris and his partner on the far right stage, giggling it up! I met them out side they were both really nice and friendly guys.

Apparently Chris isn't really chatty. If I was holding a porn party, I think I'd be a bit louder, but who knows. This lasted about 20 minutes, then we wondered if it was over for about another 20 minutes. Then the boys came back, without Chris, and sucked cock and licked ass for another 20 minutes.

I had never seen that on a stage before and my friend Sasha was like "I feel very dirty". Once I got there, I was totally into it. We danced a bit to my new fav song by Cazwell, and then off home at about 12:30. Tomorrow night baseball and Friday Cazwell in person!

The show was good. It was too short, there weren't that many people, Chris was quiet. There were about 5 people in the way with video cameras which I guess is good cause I can buy it later somewhere on this page or here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

AIDS Walk for LIfe

This year's AIDS walk for some reason features a retro-boogie dance party! What fun!

To pledge me (PLEASE!) click here. Or to sign up to walk, click here.

Chris Geary party

Wow, I'm going to the Chris Geary porn party tonight.

I have no idea what to expect. It makes me a bit nervous going to an event like this, I don't know why.... Should be fun!

I just got this book from the library, looks good.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Oh Good!

New shots from the Kids on TV website of the Spa XS show with me in them! And in one of them there's a shadow and I look as big as a house! Couldn't be happier!

PS. That's my arch-rival blogger on the far left.

Taste of Josh Towers

Went to the Blue Jays game today with Josh Towers pitching.

Josh is such a nice guy, I really wish him well. He donates to children's charities and he once hand-reared a batch of kittens. It was very hot but we had excellent seats thanks to Joe's membership in the Communist Party. They had a new sign for Frank Thomas to hit 500 home runs.

Like that's going to happen. He has like 8 home runs this year and is batting .205. Watch out! The highlight was when Gregg Zaun came in to pinch hit.

Then we lost the game.
Oh, they also gave out free John Gibbons ties.

Afterwards we went to Taste of Little Italy, with an emphasis on the Little. It was pretty sparse but I did manage to get a nice steak. Here's a picture of Joe with his new 99 cent hat. Spare no expense for fashion!

Oh and I did buy the Tardis Playset and some other cool Dr Who toys. They wanted 35 pounds to ship it from England so I bought it from some fly-by-night company in the States. The things 3 feet high, I have no idea where I'm going to put it.
I have to clean up my apartment and watch Britain's Got Talent. Ciao!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Eeek! A Girl!!!!!!

Went to the Hidden Cameras show and didn't take my camera. What kind of a blogger am I? I saw this other guy who was at the Kids on TV show the day before, I have chosen him to be my arch-rival blogger. I have to out-blog him! He didn't have a camera either but he did have a notepad. Joe suggested I get a pork-pie hat with a card in it that said "blog". I think I will. But not off E-bay. I have to give that a rest after the feedback incident.

So I got there and there were 10,000 bicycles, it turns out it was an all ages event. Some young girls asked us to buy them a drink, so I gave them my wristband instead. Jack and his wife Justine showed up and the party got started!

All this hot-linking takes forever! My pizza will be here soon, I've got to hurry up!

Ok so the show was videotaped, half way through the people on stage decided to crowd surf. It looks so much easier in the movies! This huge woman came flying towards me and I rushed out of the way, lest I touch her and get cooties. That's when I bumped into Justine, knocked over her cane and broke the strap on her purse. Whoops. Oh well, she's a tough cookie. So after that I just got out of the way.

Afterwards we reviewed the items confiscated at the door, someone tried to bring in a baguette? Then we went for drinks at a pub and ate this large plate of fried items and went home.

Today Captain Jack is back on Doctor Who so I'm watching all the old episodes from season 1 when it wasn't as good and then today's ep. I've got all the action figures now, all though my Dalek is taking forever to arrive, so now I need the Tardis playset. It's like $100 so I'll wait until like this afternoon.

Tomorrow baseball with Josh Towers pitching and then the Taste of Italy street festival! Ciao!

Friday, June 15, 2007

F**k I hate you people

"Make sure that isn't dirty, Sanchez!"
The title of this post comes from the site I downloaded this video from. People were asked to comment on the video, and this was the most recent comment.

We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off

My first post! Let's see if I can do this.... I was thinking about what to write, thinking about who would read it. I really think I need to review more blogs first, how do you write smack about your friends? Not that I ever would...

Anyway, went to the Kids on TV show at the bathhouse last night. It's fun getting out and gay, I really don't go often enough. Sure, you can still be a flamer at the ballpark, but without the gratuitous nudity, what's the point?

Went over to my friend Jay's first, heard a couple stories about his sad life and watched Sicko, the new Michael Moore film. You can download it here.

I still can't get over this downloading movies thing. I used to spend hundreds of dollars each month on movies, I think this is so cool. Anyway, I'd better get back to the nudity and bathhouse antics.
So we show up, pay $10, and hang around for an hour and a half. Now before I left, I put on my brand new Kids on TV shirt and looked in the mirror and realized I was a walrus and could not wear that. So I didn't feel much like taking off my clothes and was one of the most overdressed people there. Luckily there were no topless lesbians this year so I didn't lose an eye.

Before the show John Caffery (I can never remember his name) was posing for press photographs, so I got in there and took a few pictures:

The underwear was not that see-through in person. Once I realized what the flash was doing, I shouted "I'm with the press" and proceeded to snap shots for all I was worth.

It was a great show as usual, except for the stupid lesbian in front of me, getting her head in all my shots:

but overall great fun, as usual. They closed the show with Holiday by Madonna as a gay pride tribute thing, but didn't know the words. They brought some guy onstage to hold cue cards so they and the audience could sing along, he was an idiot and completely obscured by view, so they threw him off halfway and the whole song was a mess.

I'm now very tired as I got to sleep at 2:30 a.m., tonight the Hidden Cameras at the Phoenix! More pictures to close: