Monday, November 3, 2008

Archives dinner

Wow, I had the best time of the year Saturday night. It could not have been better. My mom came down, but for blog purposes and because she's being hunted by the KGB for war crimes, I will not be posting her picture. What about after she's dead? After the KGB catches up to her? I'll have to ask.
We started off going to the distillery district for an art gallery I had been trying to get to for a month. Here I am in front of a photo from another exhibit there:

And here are the cool shots I had wanted to see:

They were stunning in the resolution and quality and size, each about 7 feet long. Plus the district was very cool, all the building had been rebuilt from the distillery and had a historic feel.
Before we left the house we had been watching a special on early childhood play and what it later says about adult sexuality. What does this say:

Axe murderer?
Here's a great shot of my good friend Gerry, who was running the silent auction all night:

I won 2 tickets to an upcoming play at Buddies hosted by Keith Cole in January. Part of which I already had a subscription for I realized later. Oh well. I can use my subscription to see something else. Oh, and I won the 50/50 draw! $220! My mom got a quarter of it. The lucky streak continues! When they were calling the numbers, the guy was taking forever, he goes, "The first number is.... zero...." and I stood up and set "Yes! I won!" which got a laugh, and then I actually did win! I felt kind of bad winning in front of other people. The trip was different, I didn't see people's faces when they lost. To see people who you know need the money more than you holding their non-winning tickets while you claim the prize, well it was a bit of a downer. But my mom needed the money so I'm glad she got some.
Here's me with the hottie former manager:

I think I'm over my little thing for him.

I never posted his name as sometimes people Google themselves. For example if you Google Benjamin Clost images, my blog is the first hit! It's difficult to stalk someone when you're their first Google hit.
Here's the ceiling:

The building was fantastic:

I couldn't believe how many people were there. I expected it to be a motley assortment of volunteers but there was 200 people and I didn't know most of them. I expected the food to be basically KFC and it was catered in a grand ball room. Stunning.
Deb Pierce was the host, here she is as Anne Murray, "Man Murray":

She was great fun all night long. We talked a little, she's so outgoing and very personable. I love that we have Proud FM and I get to listen to such quality every day.
A display:

The evening entertainment continued with BoylesqueTO, a male burlesque troupe:

Who were ok but really used the weakest routine from their show. They also had square dancers (not pictured).
A fantastic night, worth twice the price of admission and I'm so glad I went!

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