Sunday, November 30, 2008

Battle of the Bands

Well, I thought it was called battle of the bands. Turns out there was no battle.
Last night I went to Sneaky Dee's for this band lottery. Local Toronto musicians put their name in a hat and form bands in the morning. They have all day to write and practice a few songs and then perform them that night.
I thought it was some kind of battle and voting thing. I asked my friend Joe how do you vote, by paper or by cheering and booing? He explained there was no vote, the winners were everyone who went to see the show, which seemed anti climatic.
I actually had an amazing time and loved being out and stayed until about 2 am. Some shots:

This band was my favourite. Great energy and songs and the fellow in back in orange hugged his boyfriend before they got on stage. And they had a crazy lady with a harp who was great at first but wore thin near the end of the set.

I don't really remember these people but everyone was pretty good except:

This band was crazy. I got this shot of this one guy as he wore a very short shirt and you kept seeing like his entire underwear and back and it wasn't a good thing and it got much worse as the set went on. Isn't there someone who could have said "You're wearing a child's shirt and you're not attractive" other than me?
Plus the band decided to model their songs on a vampire theme and each song was more terrible than the last. Their final song was based on a spiritual chant and they encouraged people to sing along. It was death.
Luckily we were standing beside a cute boy photographer:

I didn't have the nerve to take his picture full on, I must be losing my touch.

I am going on a gay cruise and need to get a bathing suit, I can't wait. I want to go to some gay shop and pay a lot of money and get something cool. I picture it being like a Cathy comic come to life. (Click to enlarge)

Basically I need some kind of suit with like fireworks built in so I can cause a distraction when I take my shirt off. In the James Bond movie "Die Another Day" he drives an invisible car. Is that technology commercially available for swim suits?

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Anonymous said...

At long, long last you get to include a "Cathy" strip in your blog.

PS: why is there no "Cathy" tag on the post?