Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cruise Part Two

This probably won't be in order but you get the gist.
We had a theme party "Under the sea". All the parties were theme parties. I should have tried harder to get some of the stuff as almost everyone dressed up. I think I changed clothes 3 or 4 times a day to go to dinner or a party or a show or the pool. Lots of laundry.
Anyway, this is the couple with the kids from the Dating Game dressed up for the "Under the Sea" party.

Don't you just love them? This one guy got in between them and they each kissed him on the cheek and he said he would use it as his Christmas card. They are so cute!
Then He-Man dressed up with his partner for the White party:

This was the biggest party of the cruise, the second last day. The party started at 11 pm and ended at 11:15 am.

Lots of boys!
The next day, while most were still in bed, at 2 pm they had "Dancing with the Stars" on the deck. That's Levi on the left.

Alex Mapa and his partner were the winners. They did a "Flashdance" routine.

He man again. Yum.

Bingo was so much fun again!

Then we went to another dance. They had one every afternoon from 5-7 and another at 11.
This is me in front of a port hole. I was amazed by how fast the water went by.

More costumes from the "Under the Sea" party.

Actually I think this was from the last party "Last Dance". It went until 2 am on the last day and then we all had to get off the boat at 8 am. There was some TIRED looking people. Those who had brought drugs had to use them all before they went through customs and all the others decided they needed to have sex just one more time so the guys were like animals at this party. "You're breathing.... let's go." So I followed He-Man around all night, not without reward.
This was so funny, this guy was from Ontario and SO DRUNK. He kept falling over and people would say "Oh, don't worry, it's just the boat moving". Then he got up on stage and tried several times to grab the microphone. At the end the drag queen said "Check out my site, and check out his site,".

The guy said his bar bill was $2,000. Drinks were about $10 each, crazy considering a whole bottle of vodka was $10 in St Maarten.
Anyway, this one guy said he fell in his room and had to get stitches. They charged him $1,200 and he had to pay before he could get off the boat. I'm damn lucky that didn't happen to me. At one point I fell on my camera and had to walk around for 30 minutes to three different places to find a band aid. I finally found a vending machine on the first floor that only took 2 quarters and I didn't have any money on me. Crazy.
This was from a parade in the mall on the last night.

All the servers and entertainers dressed up and walked the mall. It was another kind of stupid thing held over from the straight cruises. There were no children! We don't need clowns!
This is me at the "Last Dance" party.

A WHOLE bunch of guys hit on me in this outfit. I think the jeans and t-shirt look was a good one. The more masculine you were dressed the more looks you got. I bought a sarong in St Maarten for the white party. Boys don't make passes at boys who wear dresses. But I still really enjoyed it, I'd never worn a dress before and I kept hiking up my skirt.
There was a show, I have a video I'll try to post later. All the Atlantis people dressed up like nuns and did "The Sound of Music" which quickly shifted to a high energy song "Single Ladies". Too funny and that's Charlie on the left.

The shot of the "Last Dance" party on top of the skating rink as it was only 13 degrees Celsius in Miami so too cold for the deck.

Video and a couple more pics to come.

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