Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Quiet Sunday Drive

Went to my mom's in Minden this weekend.
We went up to Haliburton and saw some ice sculptures:

Then I had to drive home. The snow was blowing and I was quite tense and I couldn't see so I turned the wheel a little to straighten the car and started skidding. So I put on the brake and nearly went into the ditch on the right. Then I stepped off the brake and went into the ditch on the left. Fun!

Keep in mind I was going the other direction, the direction facing in the photo above.

So I was quite shaken and stirred. Luckily the car behind me stopped. They didn't have a cell phone but we tried to push it and nothing happened. The car behind them stopped and also didn't have a cell phone but promised to call so I sat in the car and waited. It only took about 20 or 30 minutes which is great but MANY people stopped in the interim. Which is nice.
I didn't have insurance, I didn't have any idea how much this tow truck was going to cost and it was basically Hell on earth but I'm home now and I'm not hurt.
Going to lie down now, I'm still QUITE shaken. Driving home was VERY difficult.
$95 for the tow, no damage to the car. Never driving in snow again.
Oh and I booked my January cruise for 2010!

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