Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nightmare and sick

I've had a couple nightmares in the last few days, which is strange as I don't remember having any previously in my adult life. They're pretty straight-forward.
The first happened last week. I worked for about 18 hours on Saturday and then had a very stressful long week and I had a dream I was still working at this company I worked for about 5 years ago. It was such an awful job and I felt so helpless there. There was a constant energy of demoralization, I hated it and when I finally was let go I was unable to work for about a year I was so burnt out.
When I was working so many hours that Saturday, all the women went home around dinner time and all the guys stayed until about midnight. I remember asking myself why the women went home, you had already made the commitment to come to work and after 8 hours they paid double time so why leave? And I took these thoughts with me and promised to give some thoughts to a work life balance. I believe I worked at least 3 hours overtime every day for the last two weeks but I still haven't seen a cent of all the money that's going to come in. My retro pay is $1,300, it has to be reviewed by hand and I should get it before Mar 27 and my income tax was flagged. I submitted more information and am waiting to hear back. All the other stuff, no word yet. My February overtime will pay out in June at this rate, HR is overworked so they're being incredibly mean. Let's say I send an email asking when my overtime will be processed, they'll write back, copy my boss, and copy my bosses boss and say "We're too busy to answer these questions". They're a delight.

The second dream was that my savings account was empty and I hadn't saved any money. This has been a constant worry for me with all this money (supposedly) coming in. For the last while I've been diverting all my money to travel. This month my student loans were finally paid off and next week I pay off the dentist. I had a few hundred extra dollars this month which has been really rare for me, I usually always have to divert it to travel. So I bought some new shoes and a sweater and a book for my cruise roommate on gay cruising and a DVD and now I don't have that extra money. It worries me that I could nickel and dime it all away and perhaps this nightmare will help focus me on the right track?
My problem is I get money and then because my credit card is at such a high interest rate, I always think I should pay that off first. But then I have all the money available again right away and I'll buy concert tickets or other things and poof, it's gone again. I have a savings account at like 2% interest so it seems crazy to throw money in there but the advantage is I have to plan a day in advance for withdrawals from that account. What I'm going to try to do for the short term is throw the money in the savings account until it equals the balance on my credit card, then pay it off and reduce the limit. Maybe the nightmare will fuel that hope.

Anyway, the World Baseball Classic concluded Wednesday in Toronto. Well, at least as far as I'm concerned. I got to Wednesday's game late due to TTC trouble, Ted Lilly was pitching:

And I decided to sneak down and get a few shots of him on the mound. Of course they pulled him in the 3rd inning for some reason and I missed him completely. D'oh!
I did get a couple good shots of Braves catcher Brian McCann:

Notice the ball entering the glove:

And then even he got pulled in the 4th so I took off in the 5th. I asked someone the next day who won but I don't remember now.

Friday my throat hurt and Saturday I woke up with a cold. I had committed to going to a concert at 1 pm so I went anyway. There was a time in my life where I'd have a few drinks on a Friday night and then always blow off plans for Saturdays so I have this determination to not cancel things now. I was sick but I went to the Peachcake concert. The lead singer was insane, literally swinging from the rafters:

And had a whole bag of props:

The crowd was very eclectic:

And at one point I was offer the chance to dance under a sheet with a bunch of 16 year olds:

But being sick I sat that one out.
Today I've been really sick with a cold so I just stayed in bed all day watching the Amazing Race and venturing out once for cough medicine and orange juice.
I get very bored being housebound and I could call in sick to work tomorrow but there's been something I've been working on for 2 weeks that has me very frustrated and there's supposed to be a final meeting to resolve it tomorrow so my plan is to at least show up for that and take it from there. All our meeting rooms are booked tomorrow which always means running around for me making sure computers are working, phones are available, travel is booked, etc. and an Ontario wide staff meeting the week after means I'll be crazy busy again. Plus I'll be interviewing my assistant and, like, my usual job. They say my acting pay for this job I've been doing since September may be coming through in April. So quickly??? Wow!
I'm told things will get better in mid-April at work. Only a month away. Can I hold on til then?

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The "literal" police said...

"The lead singer was insane, literally swinging from the rafters"

Strictly speaking, those were literally pipes he was swinging from.

But your general point is taken.