Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Trial of the Century

Testimony in the trial of the century is expected to conclude tomorrow. As it features several juicy gay stories the mainstream press has of course ignored it. But in the interests of information, and cool juicy details, I wanted to do a quick recap here.

This really all began with gay porn actor Brent Corrigan, real name Sean Lockheart. He filmed several videos for a company called Cobra Video, and then later revealed he was underage at the time of filming. This was huge as at the time of his admission he was debateably the biggest star in the industry. This was definatley the biggest admission of it's kind since Traci Lords revealed she was underage in the 1980's.

Immediately after revealing his true age, Corrigan was sued by Cobra Video for $1 million for "trademark violations, cybersquatting, breach of contract, and other disputes". The suit also claimed overship of his stage name, Brent Corrigan.

Around this time, an aquaintance of Corrigan's, Harlow Cuadra, contacted Corrigan about the two of them making a film together. At the time Corrigan was embroiled in legal battles and although extremley popular, not able to film content. This created a vaccum in the industry and led Cuadra to his "million dollar" idea. The only question was how to get Corrigan out of his contract and legal troubles.

On January 24, 2007, Brian Kocis, owner of Corba Video, was found murdered in his home. He was stabbed 28 times and his home was set on fire to hide the murder. Cuadra and his then boyfriend Joseph Kerekes admit to being in the home on the day in question and Kerekes has already plead guily to the murder.

Police later approached Corrigan and he wore a wire tap to a meeting with Cuadra where Cuadra referred to the murder several times.

Testimony from Cuadra concluded today. If found guilty, the prosecutor in the case is seeking the death penalty.

Corrigan heading into the court room to give testimony against Cuadra.

Corrigan, from his website.

Corrigan and Cuadra.

Corrigan and Cuadra

Cuadra, left and former boyfriend Kerekes, right.

An article on today's testimony by Cuadra is here.
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This story is begging to be the gay network Logo's "Movie of the Week."

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