Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The World Has Finally Changed.

After photos appeared on of American Idol contest Adam Lambert kissing another man (below) I was kind of scared to read the comments section.
I remember when Clay Aiken was on American Idol six years ago and there was a LOT of anti-gay comments and denials that he could be gay. It was sad, and as I read them, I remember thinking "How is this the new millennium?" I believe I have done another post previously on message boards, called something like "Come so far, got so far to go."

So how encouraging to read about this new gay "scandal" and see five pages with nothing but positive comments.
Is this a new era?

Comments below.

  • Everyone knows he's gay already. No biggie.......I vote by who I think is the most talented, and who I'd buy the album. Adam totally has my votes.
  • Awesome. Totally awesome. I can't wait to see all the fantards and frauen spontaneously implode by this like they did with Clay Aiken.
  • Fucking beautiful. I logged onto D-Listed this morning before here, and as soon as I saw the first picture I knew just who it was! D-Listed linked here and hahahaha was I happy to see this on the front page. I totally don't hate Adam anymore.
  • hmmmm...those pictures are hot! Vaginas are exploding everywhere today.
  • What does it matter if he is gay or not, who cares really? If he is so what if not, so what the dude can sing and that is what he is being judged on and voted for, singing.
  • What a hot slut. Who cares, the dude is hawt and has a great voice.
  • There's 49 photos on his Tribe page. No females. Do the math. But what self-respecting queen would be seen with that travesty of a manicure?

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