Friday, April 10, 2009

Condo One

Some photos.
I went to see my first ever condo today. The agent was really nice and helpful which is good. There were positives and negatives. Also I wasn't technically allowed to take photos so there aren't many.

Kitchen with built in table:

View of the Gardner

Bedroom area with no light

Huge bathroom

Strangely large space beside the toilet

  • I would own it!
  • Close to the lake and baseball games
  • Nice bright pool and hot tub
  • Outdoor communal terrace with a view of the lake
  • Huge gym
  • Nice kitchen
  • Laundry in unit!
  • The building was HUGE, 32 floors, two towers
  • Kind of out of the way location
  • Little light, none in bedroom
I'm concerned as I can't afford much. Like there literally is not another available condo in the downtown area in my price range right now. The agent said they add $5000 for every floor up. This one is priced at $150k, one on the 17th floor sold for $205k!

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Danny said...

Understandly you are working within a limited range, but if that is the condo available at $150k and those are the ammenities, and the view is of the freakin highway.....well, I would be better off living at home.