Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So the other agent said "I have another offer. Ask your client if he wants to improve his offer." No counter offer, no explanation of if she wants more money or less closing days, nothing. Just improve. Is she expecting me to walk in and offer asking price off the bat?

Two things.

I don't even know for sure she has another offer, the property doesn't even have one registered offer and I know I made one. And if someone did make another offer, they would have made an offer after the fact, after I made mine, and I don't think it's as high as mine.

The other thing is how would I improve it? I offered so close to asking I have no where to go. Is she prepared to reject my offer over a thousand dollars without even countering?

Games. Everyone playing games. And so I sit back and wait. The offer expires at noon tomorrow. Sleeping tonight should be easy.

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