Sunday, April 26, 2009

New York

I have stayed in my room all weekend, sitting in my underwear as it's so hot, and playing Pokemon. I did get up to cook which I enjoy. I made tri-coloured pasta with artichoke and asiago sauce with mushrooms, zucchini and walnuts. Delicious.

My assistant at work left yesterday for 2 weeks to the Caribbean, and I'm having the travel bug. But the thing is, when to go?

Now providing I get this cheque from work I can go the long weekend in May. Inside Out gay film festival is on but I'll schedule around that when I get the film list tomorrow. Let's price it.

Leaving Thursday May 14 - returning Monday May 19th. has a trip leaving at 7:30 am arriving 6:15 pm, departing New York at noon arriving at 11:15 pm for $102.50 US, or $123.97.
Greyhound has 6:50 am arriving 6pm, departing New York at 10am arriving 9:25pm for $207.10 so giving that a miss.
Porter is $350 so bus it is.

Accomodation, the hostel is $189 for a 12 person male room or $191 for an 8 person so 8 person it is, or $231.02 CDN.

While there, I want to see the new Yankee stadium. They're at home vs. the Twins at 1:05 on the Sunday May 17th for $37.85 US or $45.78 CDN for top level behind home plate.

Owww.... the Mets are at home to Atlanta on May 13th at 1:10 pm..... This may call for a change of schedule.... No, I'm going to see Doubt on the 12th. Besides Shea Stadium is in the middle of nowhere.

Ok, so I want to see a show on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. And this is basically the reason I'm going. I want to see The Tempermentalists, Wicked and Billy Elliott. Wicked on Saturday, May 16th, 8pm:

Wicked, row E seat 22 is $138.25 or $167.21 CDN. Yikes!

The Temperamentals is ""Temperamental" was code for "homosexual" in the early 1950's, part of a created language of secret words that gay men used to communicate. The Temperamentals tells the story of two men - the communist Harry Hay (played by Thomas Jay Ryan) and the Viennese refugee and designer Rudi Gernreich (played by Michael Urie) - as they fall in love while building the first gay rights organization in the pre-Stonewall United States." and stars Michael Ulie from Ugly Bettt. All seats are $18, or $21.79 CDN. And sold out! Fun! Ok, checking brokers...

Sunday May 17th, 8pm is totally sold out. How is it that you can't get one ticket for any show on any night at any price. Ebay, stubhub, google, nothing! This is poor planning.

Billy Elliott is only playing at 3pm on the 17th.... Grrr.... So 8pm on Saturday May 16th. Broadway's hottest show on a Saturday night should be cheap. Centre Orchestra, 10th row is $351! Ok so on the Friday, May 15th, Row L, Seat 27 is $136.

Well, I'll have to save this and wait for another cool play to start. Flipping ridiculous. Oh, well, maybe in July.

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