Monday, April 13, 2009

No patience.

I got a new bike from a friend so I'm trying to take the stuff like the basket and bell off my old bike.

I just wanted to put, on record, that this will be the last time I ever try and do anything mechanical in my life.

When I turned the bike upside down to remove the bell, the bell broke in half.

When I tried to remove the basket, the screw was so rusted on it took me 20 minutes to loosen one screw.

The bike rack is still affixed to the old bike with the HUGE screw that I have now stripped trying to loosen it.

I decided to go upstairs and get the hammer to smash the hell out of it and a cigarette to calm me down. When I sat down and lit the cigarette in front of the bike I knocked over the iced tea I had brought down. The iced tea went into the sleeve of my sweater, on my jacket, and into my shoe and on my jeans. Plus the surprise of drenching myself caused me to snap the cigarette in half.

So now I'm in my apartment and I have just changed my entire wardrobe as everything was wet and the bloody bike can fuck off!


Anonymous said...

A can of WD-40 would solve most of your problems.

Danny said...

It looks pretty good! The stove looks shady, but if the two futons come with it, then it be a good deal. The red and leopard prints will have to go!